Get to know our local culture through gastronomy. Croatia boasts numerous heritage treasures, gastronomy being one of the prominent ones. Due to its geographical position, Croatian gastronomy is exceptionaly rich and diverse as it unites the Mediterranean, Central European and Oriental cuisine. Each Croatian region hides its own culinary personality which will surely amaze any foodie. Through local dishes visitors can imagine how life in a particular area used to look like- taste the foods that once used to be made and experience the traditional ways of preparing food. In Croatian gastronomy, each dish tells its own historical and a cultural story.


Unavoidable part of every visit to the Istrian Peninsula should be tasting local specialties. Istrian specialties are known to be combination of continental and Mediterranean cuisine. Although most specialties are seasonal, you can find certain gastronomic delicacies of Istria all year round. Some of these specialties are certainly olive oils, several varieties of fine wines, truffles, Istrian prosciutto and various pasta dishes. If you choose Istria for your vacation, we recommend a visit to one of the many wineries located in Istria, or a visit to a nature reserve called the Lim Channel where you can find restaurants specializing in fresh fish and shellfish. We also recommend tasting traditional dishes prepared with Boškarin - Istrian local cattle and tasting olive oils in beautiful small towns near our camps Bi Village and camp Pineta.



During your visit to camp Baško polje and enjoying Makarska Riviera, you will certainly have the opportunity to taste Dalmatian cuisine. The flavors of Dalmatian cuisine revolve around with Mediterranean spices and olive oil both in fish and meat dishes. One of the traditional meat specialties are certainly Pašticada and dishes prepared on open fire under the baking lid. Fish dishes are undoubtedly the most popular in Dalmatia - any type of grilled fish or seafood with the inevitable addition of olive oil are available in most places. In addition to the previous dishes, it is worth mentioning the mussels, which are an extraordinary delicacy when freshly harvested from the sea, and served with either spaghetti or on "buzara"style in aromatic gravy. In the vicinity of the Baško Polje camp, we recommend all foodies to visit the taverns on the Makarska Riviera that will best evoke the flavors of Dalmatian cuisine and Mediterranean way of life.



South Dalmatia, region where peninsula Peljesac is locatedd, is abundant in fish and seafood. The most important gastronomic part of the region is the Ston town and oyster harvesting bay of the same name. We recommend that one of the stops during your travel to or from camp Perna is certainly Mali Ston Bay and an oyster harvesting farm. Vineyards cover a large part of the Pelješac peninsula, and recently this part of the Croatian coast has become an extremely famous destination for wine tourism. The reason for the successful production of top wines from the Peljesac peninsula lies in the fact that this micro location is suitable for growing vines due to specific climate, geological and field conditions. Red wine called Plavac mali is the most famous wine sort in this destination. A one-day trip from the Perna camp can take you to the most famous wineries in Croatia, but also to smaller family wineries.


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